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We believe your home should fit your lifestyle like a finely tailored suit while feeling comfortable, functional and dependable like your favorite pair of jeans. Your entire living environment should flow with tasteful continuity and timeless style, all at a reasonable price.

TailorMade Homes is not an ordinary general contractor, nor are we a cookie cutter, large-scale homebuilder. When you choose TailorMade as the builder of your new home, you can expect the benefits of each without the drawbacks of either.

We design-build distinctive residences suiting our clients’ unique desires and essential needs with the singular goal of enriching their current and future lifestyle. We begin by asking, listening and learning – discovering what is important to you, how you live today and how you want to live tomorrow. We’re interested in the little, everyday things that are significant to you. Then, we fit you with the land and seamlessly tailor a home that suits you well.

For those of you that want it all and need it now, one of our “off the rack” TailorMade Homes is an excellent option. We utilize our talent, taste, experience and skill to design and craft flexible, functional and fashionable move-in-ready homes for today’s modern families. These Daryl Whiteside Signature Designed homes are constructed on pre-selected homesites and can be purchased only during certain phases of construction. The earlier you purchase, the more flexibility you’ll have to tailor and accessorize this home to suit you.



Homesite 68 in Serrano was just completed. Click on the link to learn more.

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